How to act after a VUDU Cut

Before we start. If you got your VUDU Cut, tip your barber because he has now initialised the VUDU Effect. Now, it may be a bit overwhelming but we are here to help. 

Here are a few ways you can handle the new surgery done to your hairline:

Responding to General call:

First of all, we don't pick these up. For two reasons, we don't fraternise with commoners. Even if you did want to; your trim would be too loud. We have tried working on a new software to allow the phone to dim the loudness of the trim. However, after investing £10 into the venture we have found out that it's not possible. The technology doesn't/ won't exist. 

Instead reply

[ who dis ]

Make sure no punctuation is used during the investigation. After, you have the necessary information about the contact. You can decide if they are worth sending the suggested message. 

Responding to your Mrs Calls:

You need to come with the BDE (Big Schlong energy). I repeat! Big SCHLONG!! ENERGY!!!!! This will certify that you have just received a trim that could separate the red sea. This allows her to wear the correct uniform for the activities with her new man. Some of you may be confused as to what activities we are talking about. You would know if you received a VUDU Cut. 

Make sure you don't make the mistake of posting your trim on Instagram before sending her a sneaky pic. 

For those that reside in the streets, Snapchat is the best place to post the new you. Through extensive research you should have 2+ “how you (with some dead emoji)” within 36 mins. 

How to Utilise the sunshine:

The secret to making your trim super loud is by using Sunshine! Yes, you read it right! It can have you looking like you’ve poured honey brewed by Zeus over your skin.

Glowing skin + Fade more powerful than a tyson hook = 8:1 KD ratio in the DM’s


Angles have to be worked to make sure you’re showing the important parts of the haircut and the skin as well. If you are not sure, please enquire with the VUDU Cuts team. They will be happy to assist in your glow up. 

Thank you for reading this information. 

Be safe ...

From the VUDU Cuts Team